Preventing hate in our community

Organization for the Prevention of Violence

The Organization for the Prevention of Violence is a community and expert-led non-government organization devoted to understanding & preventing hate-motivated violence.

What are you interested in?

"Someone I know needs help."

If you’re worried about someone you care about, our team can support you and guide you to appropriate resources regarding hate-motivated violence and extremism.

"I think I need help."

If you want to move away from harmful beliefs, our team of mentors, counsellors and human service workers can help you make positive changes in your life.

"I'm interested in the OPV's research"

We produce action-oriented research to improve practitioners’ understandings of hate-motivated violence.

What we strive to accomplish

We engage in research and prevention-based activities that aim to mitigate hate-motivated violence.

We work closely with community leaders, human service providers, and all levels of government in pursuit of this goal.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of professionals with experience in CVE and other forms of violence and risk reduction. The OPV brings community, academic and practitioner knowledge to bear on the problem of hate-motivated violence.


We publish action-oriented research for community & front-line staff

Stay informed

Get started by reading through our publications or our resources page.

In addition to our Evolve program, the OPV regularly produces relevant, directly applicable research and hosts events to deepen your knowledge base.

We help you understand the constantly changing landscape of extremism.
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Together, we work to prevent radicalization and challenge extremist world views through awareness, psycho-social interventions and an evidence-driven approach to countering violent extremism.

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