Eradicate Hate Global Summit 2022: Highlights from our team

September 28, 2022

We attended the Eradicate Hate Global Summit last week to help address the critical issues that form the foundation for extremist hate. Links to panel discussions we participated can be found here.

Panel 2.2: Behavioral & Sociological Factors Associated with Susceptibility to Violent Extremism

What are the behavioral and sociological factors associated with susceptibility to violent
extremism messaging? What are the pathways by which extremist recruiters exploit
those factors? Understanding the human factors that may make it more likely for a
person to be predisposed to extremist techniques is critical to determining effective
pathways to prevention.
Moderator: Arie Perliger, Professor and Director of Security Studies, School of
Criminology and Justice Studies, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

  • Michael King, Director of Research, Organization for the Prevention of Violence
  • Kurt Braddock, Assistant Professor, American University

Panel 2.6: The Role of Formers in a Public Health Protocol

The power of peer-counseling is well-established as an effective tool in driving behavioral change. An active global community of former extremists counsel individuals who are at risk of crossing into violence or are seeking help to get out. However, no standards apply to how these “formers” provide that counseling, nor how to differentiate between counselling activity that is helpful vs. harmful, nor to measure which approaches are the most effective. This panel, which includes both formers and those who have studied the efficacy of peer-counseling, will offer standards that could improve the effectiveness of peer-counseling in the anti-hate field.

Moderator: Gordon Clubb, Lecturer in International Security, University of Leeds 17


  • Sara Winegar Budge, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Program Director, ExitUSA, Life After Hate
  • Mubin Shaikh, Activist
  • Consultant Brad Galloway, Caseworker, Evolve Program & Exit Specialist, Life After Hate
  • Christopher Buckley, Veteran, Activist, Parents for Peace
  • Julie Chernov Hwang, Associate Professor, Goucher College Lauren Manning, Life After Hate
  • Chuck Leek, ExitUSA Peer Mentor, Life After Hate