Experts share advice for parents on combatting extremist propaganda and the risk of radicalization.

In this article from Huffpost, our Manager of Applied Research, David Jones shares advice for parents on combatting extremist propaganda. 

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Published by Caroline Bologna in Huffpost on May 18, 2022

Talk to other people in your teen’s life.

“To the extent someone is able, try to talk to others in the youth’s life,” said David Jones, the manager of applied research at the Organization for the Prevention of Violence. “A teacher, coach, student counselor, etc. is a good idea as they may have also noticed changes in the youth’s personality or may be able to explain the root of these sudden changes. Trying to build a supportive network around the youth where everyone is on the same page with trying to help is a really good starting place.”


Caroline Bologna. “What To Do If You Suspect Your Teen Is Getting Radicalized Online.” Huffpost, 18 May 2022