Hate in Alberta: Problems to Solutions

Hate and hate-motivated incidents in Alberta continue to be a problem that needs addressing.

We surveyed over 1,300 Albertans and conducted interviews with over 75 community members to help us address the problem of hate in our province. This report summarizes our findings and recommendations.

The 5R Framework: A Best Practices Model for Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women and Children Returning from Violent Extremist Contexts

Countries must determine how to manage the return of women and children from formerly ISIS-controlled territories. We propose a framework for supporting returning individuals operating across ‘5 Rs’: Repatriation, Resettlement, Reintegration, Rehabilitation, and Resilience. In this brief, we describe these 5R domains.

II. Ideologically-Motivated Violent Extremism: Hate, Extremism, and Terrorism in Alberta, Canada, & Beyond

Ideological motivated violent extremism (IMVE) encompasses grievances and ideas that have traditionally been described as ranging from far-left extremism to far-right extremism. While the activity level of some IMVE categories appears to be rising since 2019, these have been counter-balanced by a decline or plateauing of other forms of extremism in the province. 

IV. Conspiracies & Hate Crimes: Hate, Extremism, & Terrorism in Alberta, Canada, & Beyond

Although conspiracy theories and the individuals and groups that believe them are traditionally not lumped together with violent extremist organizations, we have chosen to do so for several reasons. Individuals on the fringe of some groups have conducted violence in recent years. Additionally, several established extremist organizations have adopted and incorporated parts of different conspiracy theories into their ideologies.

Responding to Hate

In the aftermath of a confrontation outside the Al-Rashid mosque in January 2019, the OPV surveyed members of the community to determine both their reactions to the event, and how they think various stakeholders, including the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Service and the community can respond to such events in the future.