About the OPV

Forging Community



Who We Are

An international best practice model of countering violent extremism built on the foundations of trusting and authentic community partnerships.

The OPV is a diverse group of professionals with experience in CVE and other forms of violence and risk reduction. As an organization, the OPV brings community, academic and practitioner knowledge to bear on the problem of radicalization to violence.

Within its mission and vision statements the OPV acknowledges that effective CVE programing must recognize and include the concerns, inputs and leadership of impacted communities. In addition, the OPV recognizes that programs to counter violent extremism (CVE) are most effective when they engender a multi-sectoral response that includes impacted community groups and professionals.

The OPV has created connections with community and non-government organizations across Alberta. It has developed partnerships and working relationships with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton and REACH Edmonton. It has forged relationships with leading national and international research networks that are engaged with areas related to R2V and CVE.

Our Mission

Together we work to prevent radicalization and challenge extremist world views through awareness, psycho-social interventions and an evidence driven approach to countering violent extremism.


Executive Director

John McCoy

Senior Researcher

David Jones


Elie Haddad


Navaid Aziz


Bradley Galloway


Christianne Boudreau


Nadira Barre


Zoe Hastings


Chair and Academic Advisor

Dr. Andy Knight

Board Member

Dr. Anna Kirova

Board Member

Dr. Bob Murray

Board Member

Mr. Khalid Tarrabain

Board Member

Supt. Stacey Talbot

Board Member

Mr. Brian Simpson

Board Member

Dr. Mahamud Ugas

Board Member

Jane McCoy