Ciara Middlebrook

Ciara Middlebrook is a dedicated Caseworker with the Organization for the Prevention of Violence. She employs a client-centered and trauma-informed approach to empower individuals toward positive change. With over five years of experience as a social worker and counselor, Ciara has worked extensively with adult survivors of abuse, violence, and complex trauma, addressing issues such as grief, anxiety, depression, and emotional dysregulation. Currently a Master of Social Work student and a Licensed Practical Nurse, Ciara brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge. Her expertise in navigating complex systems and understanding the physiological manifestations of illness makes them a valuable asset in providing comprehensive support to clients. She is also actively involved in the Moonshot project, which aims to connect people to supports and services through online ads. Ciara is committed to making meaningful contributions to research and projects aimed at promoting mental health and well-being in communities.